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The two letter of Peng Dehuai

Xu Xinxing Zhang Na Xie Lunbing

11 month 2018 years 09 days from 08:15: Chinese Discipline Inspection Report

Original title: two letters Peng Dehuai

Peng Dehuai wrote to his nephew Peng Qichao's letter.

Peng Dehuai wrote to the Xiangtan newspaper Committee of the original letter

Editor's note:

Mao Zedong had a poem "who dares Hengdao immediately, only I Peng general". Comrade Peng Dehuai is the older generation of proletarian revolutionist, politician and military strategist, is an outstanding leader of our party, the state and the army. This year is the 120 anniversary of the birth of Comrade Peng Dehuai, we organized the "two letter" Peng Dehuai a text, to commemorate.


Super comrade:

We received your letter, know you very happy. I did not assign the daily work, the body is very leisurely, fortunately, was nowhere so strong! Other general and North door is not far away.


The Communist Party is a component of the revolution, the proletariat is the most, this is the basic point of view. Therefore, we must adhere to the problem of the class viewpoint. At the same time, we are not only on the composition, that is, to see the political performance, each person's words and actions are consistent, it is necessary to make a concrete analysis of each specific people...... A study of Mao Zedong thought is very important! Because international in the unrest and chaos, big change period, China is in a period of major transformation...... Will be the most revolutionary unity of Mao Zedong thought.

In the ideological work should be in line with high standard, often to find the gap, will feel better than others, will open, will continue to progress. Life to low standards, mainly to the more than 500000000 farmers to see, this will be satisfied. In order to encourage each other.

I wish you good!

Qing Zong

November 20, 1966 afternoon


Report of Comrade wei:

Xiangtan from the first issue is to receive, so I understand for hometown and increase rural production knowledge, deeply grateful! Received from several newspapers, for advanced experience, introduced in the production of propaganda work of the center, have played a major role. For the Thrift Society, democracy and overcome difficulties, to do service agency for home publicity, especially this kind of typical, also seems to be not enough, I do not know whether the actual view, please forgive me!


Comrade li!

outstanding Communist military leader

1957 July 26

This letter is addressed to Peng Dehuai in Chengdu when the last letter of Peng Qichao's nephew. Now Peng Dehuai Memorial Hall in Xiangtan County of Hunan Province, Xiangtan City, the display is provided by the central archives.

In early November, Peng Dehuai received a letter from his nephew Peng Qichao, the relevant departments to work in the food company of Peng Qichao of the unit organization could not think, leaders of the organizations of the masses is a problem in origin etc.. At that time, the society's "reactionary disaster caused by flooding water origin theory", "Lao Tzu son hero hero, the absurd logic Lao Tzu reactionary bastard children" are still in the market of young students, Peng Dehuai was worried, so he wrote a letter to Peng Qichao this letter.

The ideological work should be to the high standards of "life" to low standards ", reflecting the revolutionaries of the older generation of the younger generation to inculcate, is Peng Dehuai himself personally, lifelong life criterion.

Peng Dehuai to his nephew Peng Qichao meticulous care is like sunshine, blowing from the urine lost with her father Peng Qichao heart. My nephew Peng Qichao is the younger brother of Peng Ronghua martyr Peng Dehuai's child, Peng Ronghua sacrifice for the revolution, Peng Dehuai not only in life to take care of his nephews, is more concerned about their work, spurring, careful guidance, let them become a useful person in society.

11 months to 1955 years, Chinese PLA Institute of military engineering Dean Chen Geng general school student cadre officer rank, wearing the rank on bursting with happiness, but Peng Qichao is not happy, he was awarded the rank of lieutenant, with those comrades and their own similar experience, their ranks lower level. That is when Uncle Peng Dehuai requires his rank, Peng Qichao did not understand, therefore, he came from school back to Zhongnanhai Yongfu hall find uncle judge complain.

Peng Dehuai walked home, just one seat, he asked, why let him down a rank. But Peng Dehuai said to him: "you see how many comrades bled, these comrades even victory did not see death, not to mention a card. Us what is the reason for the interests of the individual mood...... The army cadres should be granted the rank of nearly a million, I only have sacrifice to convince you."

Peng Dehuai in the final overall situation, official corruption model touched by Peng Qichao.

Signed the letter for kiyomune, this is Peng Dehuai's father for him according to Zong Zi's name, meaning is to grow up in the future promising, but also a clear vain man, glory, splendour, wealth and rank, of his ancestors. Peng Dehuai was upright and outspoken, strict requirements on their own, but vice versa of nephews. His unselfish, is a very high realm of wholehearted devotion to public duty consciousness, there is no such institutional constraints, institutional constraints is still so, his honesty is crystal clear pure.

This is Peng Dehuai from the CPC Xiangtan County Committee organ newspaper sent him a few "Xiangtan daily", in July 26, 1957 to Xiangtan Committee's letter. "Xiangtan daily" in August 1, 1957 to "" 81 "on the eve of Marshal Peng Dehuai made important instructions to the letter" as the subject reported and published the letter, to guide and promote the smooth development of the work.

In May 8, 1961 the "Xiangtan daily" after the stop, the letter with the newspaper archives was transferred to Xiangtan County archives.

"Xiangtan" is Xiangtan county Party Committee organ, its task is for rural areas, for farmers, the party's line, principles and policies to guide and promote the work of the county. Founded in March 12, 1956, initially for 8 weekly tabloid, published Friday, circulation of 20 thousand copies. In July 1, 1957, expanding the quote 4. After the change was double double daily newspaper, week. Closed in May 8, 1961.

"Xiangtan daily" reported the letter from Peng Dehuai, the newspaper leadership according to the recommendations, to further strengthen the Thrift Society, democratic agency, agency for the home to do publicity, open up "careful" speech column, increase the depth of excavation and reported all kinds of advanced models, by the broad masses of cadres, effectively promote the the economic and social development of Xiangtan county. The expression of Peng Dehuai's concern for national construction, the countryside, agriculture and farmers concerned, also contains his special feelings for my hometown; at the same time, but also reflects his thrift, democratic and patriotic ideas and style, embodies his method of news propaganda theory, and a modest, self-disciplined gentleman of the wind. Read this letter, Peng Dehuai can feel for the people, pragmatic and honest spirit and profound connotation.

"No investigation, no right to speak" empty talk, hard work and prosperous". Only stick to the truth and practice, can not go wrong, detours, to overcome all difficulties.

One day in November 1961, Chen Pu Peng Dehuai came to the Xiangtan County Investigation Brigade Ring South Valley area Tong commune. It's time for lunch, Peng Dehuai not to "public canteens" to eat, but apart from his staff, alone came to not far from the dining room he uncle. He will cover only opened, the steaming pot is bran cake. Peng Dehuai grabbed the bran Baba eat, the rough and bran into the throat of bitter, really difficult to swallow, his heart, eyes full of tears. Back to the residence, Peng Dehuai held a general meeting, he said: "I begged, hungry is afraid, but it is the old society. Now, we became the master of the country, we should seize the opportunity to open up wasteland grain production, the poor team becomes rich team, there should not be any people hungry belly."

During the period of Peng Dehuai in 1961 made the rural home, more than 30 days of investigation, the house received more than 2000 visitors to the cadres and the masses, and has 7 communes of Xiangtan county more than 10 District 3 battalion, made a thorough investigation, wrote "Wushi Wushi commune brigade investigation material" Xiangtan Wushi "the commune brigade full production this year" Venus "Xiangtan Wushi Wushi commune Venus, the new flat, three brigade craft workers" "Xiangtan County District stone flower market trade situation" Ping Huang 5 survey materials, advocating thrift society, democracy to do community, overcome difficulties, to service for the family "the idea to carry out the work in rural areas, provide a reference for the central and Hunan provincial Party committee decision. At the same time, but also to promote local Party cadres to further carry forward the glorious tradition in the production of labor and carry out regular visits to research base. (Xu Xinxing Zhang Na Xie Lunbing)

(commissioning editor Cao Miao and Xie Lei)
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