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The hidden front of Xiao Bingshi

Wu Shenliang Wen Ying

In November 2018 09, 08:18 source: Chinese Discipline Inspection Report

Original title: hidden front Xiao Bingshi

The real Xiao Bing

Xiao Bingshi, also known as Xiao Xiangping, born in 1900 in Jiangxi, Pingxiang. In 1926 to join the Communist Party China. The summer solstice in 1931 began to do intelligence work in the Soviet Red Army, served as deputy director of the Far East intelligence bureau. His major works: in 1935 the Soviet Union written "how to do intelligence work", was translated into Russian, as the "red" internal learning files, praised.

Xiao Bingshi has served as professor of the University, in the teaching period for our party to develop numerous outstanding revolutionary fighters, many of these people in revolutionary fighters followed him into the underground work front, development and growth of our party's contribution to the force. Today, we revisit the Xiao Bingshi story, to pay tribute to him.

A shelter underground transportation station

In 30s, the Xiamen University students found that their teacher Xiao Bingshi suddenly in the human "evaporation", until 90s of last century, Xiamen teacher Chen Bing Xiao Bing really opened Sancai Beijing, Xiamen and other colleges and universities to teach at the same time, in the party's secret activities of the legend.

The latent version of Xiao Bingshi, as contemporary spy drama.

The autumn of 1929, Xiao Bingshi by organization from Shanghai Daxia university to the Xiamen University as a professor of history, he took his wife and son to Xiamen, Xiamen Da Nan rented in the village 16 (now Xiamen University South No. 3) a two storey small building, which is also the year of the Fujian provincial Party's Secret stronghold. The residence of Xiao Bingshi, became the party an important underground transportation station.

In the winter of 1929 to the spring of 1931, this time in a year and a half a month, the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee held several secret meetings here.

The "white terror" was held in the conference, as long as there is a little negligence, it is likely to lead to fatal disaster. So, when many of the participants are not Bingshi. Shaw told the truth Name. Until after the founding of the PRC, Xiao Bingshi learned that his family has import and Ye Fei, Liao Hua and other comrades.

Xiao Bingshi to the Faculty of identity and social status as a cover to protect the safety of each meeting. During the meeting, his wife is responsible for the purchase of food, provide meals for the participants. His 10 year old son Xiao Chun, responsible for sentry duty. At the time of the meeting, Xiao Chun went to the floor while playing outfield side leaked, found a stranger, he hurried home to report.

The surface of identity, Xiao Bingshi is a university professor, secretly, he is the Fujian Provincial Committee of the CPC and the Central Committee of the party Liaison Station contacts, the Fujian provincial Party committee secretary of the Central Military Commission found his direct contact. In addition to providing secret stronghold for provincial meetings, each Party Central Committee sent to Xiamen, Xiao Bingshi arranged to live in the home; the Central Committee of the party in the name of Zheng Fuchu by the Shanghai bank transfer to Fujian provincial activity funds, are also sent to Xiao Bingshi.

3 month 1931 years 25 days, South Village 16, accidentally exposed by the Kuomintang military police investigation, fortunately before the enemy came, Tao Zhu timely news and came to take Xiao Bingshi away from danger. In Xiamen South Putuo temple and Zhangzhou Nanshan Temple hidden for more than 1 months later, Xiao Bingshi boarded a ship to Shanghai.

Jiang Jieshi wanted to sign Pro instruction

"And one provincial government to investigate and deal with by Wu Ji Co!" This has retained the number in the second historical archives of China Museum, the first 154 wanted instruction, by the time President Jiang Jieshi personally issued by the national government, the Kuomintang's determination to catch Xiao Bingshi visible.

Originally, the CPC Fujian provincial authorities are destroyed, the CPC Central Committee sent to the Fujian Provincial Committee of the activities funded through Xiao Bingshi to the clues discovered by the enemy, they will report this situation to the Kuomintang government, and is the administrative office of the national government. Since then, Xiao Bingshi has been in the exposure of the identity of heavy enemy in the hunt.

Is in such a hostile environment, Xiao Bingshi did not give up on the revolutionary faith, but engaged in more international intelligence signs of danger appearing everywhere.

In Shanghai, introduced by the famous American female writer Smedley, Xiao Bingshi joined the Soviet Red Army headquarters of the general staff of the Far East intelligence work.

From 1931 to 1943, for 12 years, Xiao Bingshi has to work in Shanghai, Hongkong, Japan, Moscow, Xinjiang, Gansu and other places, to participate in the formation of Shanghai as the center of East China, Southern China, central China, North China information network, served as the southern piece, northwest piece of work organization and leadership, any deputy director of the Far East intelligence agency, participated in the rescue of the famous American Revolutionary activist nulens couple, Liu Ren and Song Kanfu can rescue the Communist party.

He used a lot of favorable conditions to obtain important information, such as business intelligence personnel sent into Jiang Jieshi, the KMT Central Soviet Red Army and the "top secret military intelligence campaign, provide important information for the struggle against" encirclement and suppression "and the long march of the red army. At the same time, he also developed many talented people to join to the Far East intelligence work, and the selection of more than 40 to the Moscow youth learning radio technology, these people are lurking in Japan after graduation important military establishment of underground station.

The formation of the Gansu Ningxia Qinghai intelligence network

The end of 1938, Xiao Bing is the Soviet Union after learning, according to the organization, returned from Xinjiang to participate in the Anti Japanese war. Who knows when passing through Urumqi, things have changed. At that time, warlord Sheng Shicai controlled Xinjiang in the Anti Japanese situation under the call, Sheng Shicai tends to the Soviet Union Against Japan, and Xinjiang's relatively strong anti Japanese atmosphere.

In order to deal with the relationship with the Soviet Union, Sheng Shicai established a special office in Xinjiang. While office is actually an intelligence agency. Sheng Shicai to the edge service task is to ensure the safety of Xinjiang, the hostile forces outside access to information.

Then, according to the Organization Department, Xiao Bingshi edge, alias Yuan Chuxi work. Soon, Xiao Bingshi was appointed as the party organization intelligence specialist, sent to Lanzhou to build the Xinjiang side office Lanzhou office. To Lanzhou, to facilitate the work, he went under the name of Yu Ming nine, in Lanzhou opened a business on the cover of Gao ji. During the war, he is at the office of the Lanzhou intelligence specialist identity to Xinjiang supervision, under Ren Bishi et al, the formation of the Gansu Ningxia Qinghai intelligence network.

At this time Xiao Bingshi has triple identity, the first identity is Gao records the firm manager, the second identity is Xinjiang Affairs Office of the Lanzhou side supervision information specialist, the triple identity is Chinese Communist agent, the latter is an identity of the deepest. Xiao Bingshi's intelligence network, actually directly to his leadership, his intelligence is always the first to transfer to Yanan.

In July 1941, the outbreak of war with Sood, Sheng Shicai think, can no longer rely on the Soviet Union. Then, gradually backward Jiang Jieshi began to suppress the arrest of members of the Communist party. To 1943, Xinjiang has more than 10000 people were arrested, more than 1000 people were killed, including Mao Zemin et al., while office leadership and backbone has killed 21 people.

Faced with this situation, Xiao Bingshi has exposed the identity of the emergency deployment of intelligence personnel evacuation matters, and he did not panic disorder, to confuse the enemy. 1943 years and 5 months of the day, Xiao Bingshi properly arrange everything, borrow a drizzle cover on the way in the mountains to walk back home after the mysterious disappearance. Xiao Bingshi's retreat, directly cut the relationship between Xinjiang and Lanzhou information network, very good to cover the following intelligence. After Xiao Bingshi left, his intelligence network is still playing a role, until the liberation of Lanzhou. (Wu Shenliang Wen Ying)

(commissioning editor Cao Miao and Xie Lei)
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