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Yong ten frame bridge"


In December 2018 06, 08:28 source: Journal of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

Original title: Yong ten frame bridge"

The Huai Hai campaign started, in November 6, 1948, the people's Liberation Army of China in the field of strategic deployment of troops in accordance with the Central Military Commission held a massive south of the Huai Hai Campaign, the seventh Army Corps of the Kuomintang army weijian. However, in November 7th seventh the Kuomintang Corps has along the Grand Canal in the east coast west to Xuzhou and Xuzhou to retreat, the Kuomintang army confluence. The people's Liberation Army of China in the field of generation commander Su Yu immediately adjust the deployment of the respective columns ordered all officers and men, not afraid of fatigue, not afraid of difficulties, the enemy went to where, where to resolutely, wipe out the Yellow corps. As a result of a war in the pursuit of great in strength and impetus anhui.

The people's Liberation Army of China in the field of 9th twenty-seven division seventy-nine regiment was ordered to chase from Xin'an Town South as the army's sixty-third Army Corps left cover task. November 8th night, seventy-nine Regiment (Weifang county) to catch up to the west of Xinyi County in Jiangsu province Yan Town, is a 10 meter wide moat stopped. The head of the camp, led the company commander rushed to the front to see the terrain and the enemy, and the immediate deployment of operational plans, ordered a battalion two even rushed pontoon bridges.

Bridging in warfare is a very difficult thing, it is in the icy water, but also braved the enemy fire across the fire, it will be more difficult. A brave soldiers camp without fear, the vanguard of two company commander ordered the three class in a row even rushed to the trench on pontoon bridges. A row of platoon sergeant Fan Xuefu, 3 monitor Ma Xuanyun accept the order, to find some wood and two ladders, quickly tied with cord. The soldiers tied two wooden ladder horizontal well in the river, has built a pontoon bridge without.

At this time, the Kuomintang army found on the other side of the river, began to shoot. Already shaky bridge, floating in the water, more and more troops waiting for the ditch, rickety bridge can not guarantee the troops quickly through. Time is urgent, in order not to miss the plane, the platoon sergeant Fan Xuefu in the critical juncture and shouted: "no legs, legs when we!" The first jumped into the icy water. Monitor Ma Xuanyun, vice monitor Peng Qibang, Song Xieguo, Yang Yuai, Pan Fuquan, soldier Yang Xuezhi, Sun Xuezan, Sun Shuxian, Sun Ke pan jumped into the icy water, with his body and shoulders, set up a support with flesh and blood "bridge".

In order to ensure the bridge balance, the shallow water near the shore where the soldiers knelt down in the water, a leg support. The deep water warrior with both hands pulled up the wooden ladder. The attack force quickly embarked on 10 warriors with the erection of the pontoon body flew to the other side. Because of narrow deck and bridge speed, some soldiers slipped on the bridge, the bridge of the soldiers on the head will ally against, let them up. Some soldiers stepped on the bridge warrior's neck, they also stand to let the soldiers through the silence. A soldier from the bridge into the river, at the end of the exhaustion of the body in the depths of the warrior's strength to pull water from his comrades......

The soldiers in the icy water, just bite the bullet and straightened up, to ensure the safety of troops across the river, going into battle. The evening of November 9th, by a battalion of pontoon, quickly into the weir Town Weijian KMT army battle.

According to Xinhua News Agency correspondent dawn writing an article entitled "ten bridge" communication, "Daily" published in November 26, 1948, "ten bridge" heroic deeds quickly spread throughout the country. The three class was named as the "ten bridge" class. General Nie Fengzhi was commander of the 9th in the height of this feat later recalled: "the evaluation of its political significance, much more than the action of military value." (Yao Bingyang)

(commissioning editor Cao Miao and Xie Lei)
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